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Mindscapes offers companies innovation sessions to supply their marketing and R&D teams with a set disruptive thinking tools for NPD (new product /service development).
These tools have been geared to help individuals and teams go beyond their own mental fixedness, which usually blinds truly original ideas, and open their minds to new scopes (or mind-scapes) of fresh ideas. These thinking tools enable one to breakthrough its rational logical thinking, and to imagine and vision new possible forms, functions and possibilities. Once these new varieties of forms and functions emerge, we can bring back our “usual” thinking, and use it to select, develop and adjust the new ideas and transform them into practical new product/ service concepts.

These tools can be used for new product/ service development, as well as for problem solving (e.g. marketing problems, organizational problems, communication problems and challenges).

Mindscapes innovation programs are offered either in forms of innovation training seminars/courses, or as tailored – tangible result oriented innovation projects.

Take a look below, at the typical innovation seminar training, or contact us to inquire about a specific tailor-made program that can meet your specific goals and objectives.

Creative thinking tools for New Product/Services Development

Company Training (2 days)


Surprising as it may sound the majority of the most creative new products/ Services (as well as communication campaigns) in the world is based on some recurring creative thinking patterns. This training is designed to supply the company’s professionals innovative thinking tools to enhance their creative thinking potential and enable them to create more creative and effective ideas in their daily work, in the field of problem solving and developing new ideas for products and services.

Training goals:

  • Enable participants to enlarge their scope of thinking, thus to utilize more their own creative potential.
  • Supply new ways of looking at a given system, looking at a given situations from new perspectives thus being able to generate fresh solutions.
  • Teach and practice tools and approaches for solving problems and for identifying new opportunities within problems.
  • Teach and practice creative tools for developing ideas for new products/services.
  • Practice and implement the new thinking tools on real company’s tasks, challenges and existing projects.
  • Reassure practical implementation of learned tools in daily work.

Training Format

Duration: 2 days
Participants: up to 25 participants, a mixed group of from R&D, marketing, marcom, sales, operations, distribution, customer services, and any other relevant professionals from the organization.

Please note that it is highly recommended that senior management people will also take part in the training, in order to assure that the tools will be implemented in daily work.
Location: Anywhere you choose, away from the company’s own premises.
Format: The training is run in an interactive workshop format. The tools are presented and learned through case studies, individual/pairs/small teams’ work, and various creation and ideation exercises and tasks. The style is open and dynamic.
Content: In order to make the training more relevant and close to daily work of the company, it is recommended that the tools will be implemented on existing products/services/issues. During the training the creative tools, will be applied on these chosen cases so the immediate result of the training will be relevant new ideas and solutions.

Summary of training content

  • Principals of inventive thinking.
  • Tools for problem solving and creative use of problems in ideation.
  • 4-5 different tools for inventing/ developing new products/ services.
  • Applying each and every of the tools for developing new ideas on the real company tasks.
  • Optional: Some creative tools for promoting and communicating the newly invented products/services (internally or externally).

Note: this outline is optimal but may be modified in different ways according to variables of the training such as rhythm, energy, interest of participants etc.

Client list (partial list):


  • Coca Cola Europe
  • Nestle Czech Rep., Russia
  • Mondelez France
  • Marks and Spencer UK
  • Samsung Vietnam
  • Pepsi Vietnam
  • Swed Bank, Sampo Bank Baltics
  • Eurobank EFG Serbia
  • Cineplex Canada
  • MTS Russia
  • Fazer Finland
  • Valio Finland
  • Mobitel Bulgaria