“… Your training helped us a lot to develop for the first time a very coherent and structured understanding of how integration works, also with a very strong input on digital, and provided us with the main psychological mechanism that trigger mass consumer involvement.
I would go through that training once more just to make sure I didn’t miss anything.”

Dinu Panescu  Group creative director, McCann Erickson Romania , June 30th 2011, a week after the ROM project  was awarded with 2 Grand Prix, 3 Gold,  a silver, a titanium and 2 bronze Lions.

Tony Prehn, CEO, Lowe Thailand

“The Insight training and tools of Mindscapes is outstanding because it brings a kind of radar to detect very powerful insights in a simple yet very effective way. Before the training the search for insights was sometimes random and purely intuitive. Now it has become more rigorous and, at the same time,  more creative.”

David Coral, President& CEO , BBDO&Proximity Group, Spain.

“I wanted to share with you that overall the feedback has been hugely positive to the 2 day Insight training – thank you so much”.

Google  Learning& Development Global Marketing, UK

“I’m absolutely loving the program and finding it really practical. The use of tons of current examples, plus the work group exercise where we applied what we learned to a real Google brief is absolutely spot on. The teacher is great to – smart, humble and open minded. Well done! You’ve guys have put together a great class – can’t wait for tomorrow.”
Google Marketing Manager, New York

For further feedback from Google on Mindscapes as its trusted learning partner, contact  Stephanie Hollywood, L&D Business Partner Global Marketing Google  [email protected]

“It was the best and the most inspiring training I have ever attended. Thank you.”

Matsumura, Creative Director
Beacon Communications- Leo Burnett, Tokyo- Japan

“In short, Mindscapes is mind-blowing, bringing logic to the magic for creative and marketing professionals; so for me learning about techniques and patterns is a must! Creativity and communication is a soft science by default but Mindscapes can teach how to harden it and use patterns and discover interdependent elements. The world simply needs more of Mindscapes.”

Tom Hidvegy, Creative Strategist, Creative Excellence Marketing Manager, Coca-Cola- Central Eastern Europe

“Working with Yonathan was incredible. He brought deep expertise, complete dedication and contagious passion to the table. His training course was both invaluable to my creative department, and an inspiring call to action for everyone involved. I look forward to working with Yonathan again, and highly recommend his training services.”

Anthony Wolch, Executive Creative Director
Organic, Toronto

“It was an outstanding training which will definitely benefit our work.  It brought us a way of thinking to detect insights in a simple and very effective way. Ravid possesses a super talent to communicate codes and tools at a level, which all our team members easily absorbed. He has the ability to make people who are not used to thinking differently, do so! We really like this guy – cracking codes expert and exceptional trainer. Thank you so much! Already we are planning next training to explore another of Mindscapes unique thinking tools.”

Andrea Stimac, Managing Director, Direct media, Zagreb

“Without any doubt, the training program that Yonathan conducted for us was simply outstanding. It was 2 day investment in time that has paid back the cost many times over in terms of the fresh solutions our creative, planning and account people are bringing to their work. Plus, the formal evaluation from the attendees confirmed their own unanimously positive response to the session. We can’t all be wrong! Already we are looking at a return session with Yonathan to explore another of his truly unique and effective thinking tools.”

TONY PREHN, Chief Executive Officer
Lowe Thailand

“Dear Ravid,  speaking on behalf of the whole team, I would like to share with you our gratitude and a great respect we all felt after the training. It has been a ravishing experience for all of us and people were back to office fulfilled with a new energy and enthusiasm that we have never felt before. Once again thank you so much and we hope to have a chance to meet you soon and to organize next level training in near future.

Sanja Ševaljević, Client Service Director,  Kreativa Unlimited, Belgrade

“…the answer is: yes of course, because Lithuanian Cannes Lion came to our agency thanks to your training.” 

Tomas Bartninkas, MD McCann Lithuania

“Thank you very much for the inspiring, thought provoking, practical workshop. There is no doubt that in addition to the tools and methodology, your facilitation, energy and commitment to the process made a huge difference. All participants in the workshop will benefit from it while working on current and future projects.”

Gali Taub-Sarig, Marketing Director, Coca Cola Israel

“I recently had the pleasure of sharing a speaking role at an IAA conference with Yonathan Dominitz. His presentation on innovation as an antidote to the crisis was undoubtedly one of the high points of the day.

His examples were both entertaining and instructive, and the audience found his advice relevant and actionable. I would strongly recommend Yonathan as a speaker or trainer.”

Nick Baum, President
TBWA Europe

Dear Yonathan,

Thanks for the two very inspiring days. Even though I had high expectations, you managed to exceed them. Moreover, my colleagues exceeded the expectations I had of their ideas, input and participation. So I am really glad we took you on board!
Now I am going to make sure we will concretely implement our new insights!
And very well possible we will invite you over again to improve our chances to win more pitches.
Kind regards, 

Erik Van vilet,  Managing Director, Admix, Netherlands

“I was attending one of Yonathan’s programs at the Asia Pacific  HFD Upgrade Week and got so much impressed by the quality and effects. That’s why I invited him to Japan …  This is the second time for us to have him here…”

Sumiko Kimura, Senior Vice President
Director of Talent Management, McCann Erickson Japan

“the training on creating integrated campaigns and the tools was very relevant. It met perfectly my expectations.
More over, we won an important pitch with one of the ideas that was developed during the training.
Thank you for everything and we need to follow it up”.

Adrian Botan, Chief Creative Director, McCann Erickson Bucharest, Romania

“ I had the chance to participate in Yonathan’s Cannes workshop this year, and I knew I had to bring this to Prague and my colleagues. It is a truly inspiring workshop with real, practical tools that help produce great creative thinking. The session was worth every penny. I’m absolutely convinced it will benefit our creativity, our clients and most importantly, our customers. It was an intense two days, but everyone involved came away inspired and energised.”
Martin Lochmann, CEO of Lowe Praha and Open at Lowe Prague.

“Telling everybody how great his training on successful creative thought patterns is, actually means to give away the great competitive advantage, that you will have over your competition when you choose to hire him. So hire him, hire him, hire him … but don’t tell anyone about him! There are countless books, seminars and trainings on creativity. But what Yonathan is teaching is nothing like that. It is about successful creative thought patterns, which when you put your brain behind them, simply lead to clutter breaking thinking and fresh ideas – and that every time you use them. The bundled knowledge Yonathan hands over to you within one or two days is incredible, if you consider that you can use it for the rest of your career. I strongly endorse Yonathan’s work and Yonathan as a person that will change your way of thinking, – if you are ready to listen.”

Philip Pec, Executive Creative Director
McCann Erickson, Prague

“I wished to let you know the spontaneous comments of our people: They are very satisfied with the training, and they anticipate that it will have a good effect on client-agency relationship.  Also, they are delighted with the way it was facilitated, and admire your sense for dynamics, active approach, experience, and skills to keep attention and run the topics smoothly.”

Irena Radić, HR Manager
McCann Erickson Beograd

Our team’s feedbacks:

“Best creative training I’ve ever been to”
“Real hands on tools to be used in everyday work”
“Great guy with total talent. Memorable training that will certainly leave us with new thoughts”
“Great tips to use in daily work”
“It’s great at last to have real creative tools that work!”
“You managed to pass us complex knowledge in a clear and simple way. I’m now very surprised (in a good way!) And my head is right now filled with possibilities and growing ideas. Thank you!”

Anu Pohjois-Koivisto Managing Director
Mainoskenttä & Mainoscraft, FINLAND

“It was really great seminar. It gives a lot of tools & hints how to do strategic part of writing creative briefs. Insight is no so “mysterious thing” anymore. I think it was hard, difficult seminar for many people, but at least they now have an understanding of why briefing is so important and how to do it in a proper way.”

Lina Muiziene  CSD,
FCB Lithuania

Some testimonials from the time when Yonathan worked with SIT:

“It was great meeting you. I thoroughly enjoyed your session and all the people that I spoke to at Intel after the session also felt exactly the same way. What you are doing is very powerful – you are changing the way people think and approach their tasks.”
Sattar Khan, Vice President
head of Strategic Planning, McCann Erickson, Asia Pacific

“I dare to say that your work is responsible for a big part of Leo Burnett’s success and I heard respectable people around the world praising these “prescriptions…”

Bogdan Noumovici, Executive Creative Director
Target/Leo Burnett, Romania  

“These three days were the most qualitative education in my life. It’s not just for saying it – it’s true. Thank you and I hope we can do some more in the future.”

Joel Volkov, CEO and co –owner
Tank Advertising group, Tallinn, Estonia

“Over a four year span I invited Yonathan a couple of times to run creative training programs; once for the agency internally and again for a client-specific program.  The results were clear – a year after the internal training we were ranked as one of the top creative agencies in the region both at award shows and within our network.”
Matthew Stern, Managing Director
McCann-Erickson Prague

A mail from the ECD of McCann Russia,  less then a year after the first training they had with Yonathan:

“Dear Yonathan!
We have some results of the training:
We’ve won the Golden Watch award and Golden Drumsticks for Nescafe Arctic campaign at Golden Drum last year. With those films we’ve gained the 65th place among the 100 best awarded films of the year (compilation by Shots). We’ve won few awards at the Moscow Ad Festival. We’ve been voted the Creative Agency of the year in Russia (winning over the major competitors, BBDO and Lowe). I think it’s not bad but it’s just the beginning. We now have a lot of young untrained team members in both creative and client service and strategy planning depts. So we look forward to do the same training once again.. Looking forward. Yours. Sasha.”

Sasha Alexeev, Executive Creative Director
McCann Erickson, Russia

“… Just in case you want to tune some people in your agency up a little bit I would like to recommend you Yonathan Dominitz: He is extremely helpful and was actually the one who triggered the rise of McCann Romania from “some agency” to the agency who won the golden rose in Portoroz consecutively, but not only that, – he also gives great trainings on strategic insights etc…”

Philip Pec, Executive Creative Director
Mala Agentura, Czech Republic

“Quite frankly, I didn’t expect too much out of this training, yet definitely got out of it thousands times more than out of the previous, usually held by regional or global CD-s.”

Mihael Goluza Creative Director
Publicis Croatia

“Over a four year span I invited Yonathan a couple of times to run creative training programs; once for the agency internally and again for a client-specific program.  The results were clear – a year after the internal training we were ranked as one of the top creative agencies in the region both at award shows and within our network.”

Matthew Stern, Managing Director
McCann-Erickson Prague

“…It’s been probably the best training session we had chance to experience and we all feel as it will result in some great campaigns… so keep an eye on us :-)”

Ivana Radan
McCann Erickson, Serbia