Why MindScapes

Proven Results:

Your results:
Our training programs are focused on achieving a practical change and a shift in the ways people think and create. See the list of proven results , that is, international creative recognition and awarded campaigns, created by agencies after training with us.

Listen to those who were trained by us:
see what our clients say about our work.

Recurring Clients:
we recently noticed that 65%! of our training projects are either with recurring clients, that is, our clients invite us to more than one training project, or with agencies who were referred to us by WOM, i.e. our clients recommend their network colleague agencies to work with us. Click here to see a list of some of clients who work with us.


Return on Investment:
In the words of Pietro Leone, Regional CEO of Grey group CEE, Italy & Turkey, “your training was certainly an excellent ROI; I have noticed a considerably higher creative level of works”.

Time saving:
one of the feedbacks we occasionally receive from MD’s and ECD’s is that one of the notable changes after the training is that creatives spend less time before creating good ideas. Time saving in the busy timetable of a creative department, with all the pitches, deadlines and hectic work is by no means a trifling thing.

Practical tools:

contrary to a common belief, great ideas are, in many cases, a result of simplicity. Our tools are made to help creators rediscover the power of simple ideas, and enable their minds to see through and beyond the complexity of the brief/ the accepted conventions/ constraints of the task.

Easy to implement:
how many times have you been to a training course, interesting as it was, and a month or so later you could hardly recall your main learnings from the training, not to say implementing its methodology in your work?  Being aware of this ‘post training syndrome’ our tools and methods are practical and easy to implement. Participants in the training course practice the tools on real company’s briefs and tasks during the course so they can implement them immediately the day after the training.

Specific advertising tools:

Creative advertising tools:
unlike some other creative thinking methods, the tools we use are specific to advertising. Our tools are a result of an ongoing monitoring of the most creative and award winning campaigns, updated from year to year. Surprisingly enough, we see that each year more then half of the campaigns that win big creative festival awards (such as Cannes Lions, Clio, Epica etc.) are based on some creative thinking patterns. Being able to identify those patterns, we keep developing tools that help creators use those creative thinking patterns in developing new, original and surprising creative ideas.

Tools that work:
Put all theories aside, we create and use only practical tools that can be implemented immediately and actually enable people to come up with new ideas, original ideas, creative & effective ones, again and again, each time they use the tools.

Improving client-agency cooperation

Better briefs from clients:
One of the expected outcomes of the joint client-agency training Evaluating Creative Work is that clients improve the level of their briefing the agency, both in terms of giving more accurate and relevant data to the agency and focusing on the main, single minded message for the campaign.

Better client approval of creative work
Having a client approve a highly creative idea is arguably one of the most difficult and frustrating parts of agency- client work. Our training courses supply agency and clients a common language and a jointly agreed set of criteria for assessing creative work, so that agency people can better explain clients the logic behind the magic, i.e. the rationale behind the creative idea, and both parties can assess the effective potential and outcome of the creative idea.

Creating a common language

Better internal communication
It is not infrequent to hear about a lack of agreement and a lack of understanding between client service/ strategy departments and creative department as for the creative brief, the strategy or the creative idea itself. This results in a waste of time and energy on internal disputes. In order to address this issue all Mindscapes training programs are designed for a mixed participation of accounts, planners and creative department people, so that everyone gets the picture and the view of the tasks of other departments and learns a common language to discuss and assess a brief, a strategy and a creative idea. Therefore, one of the expected outcomes of our training courses is a better and smoother cooperation between people in the agency.

More effective brainstorming sessions
We often hear from our clients that one of the outcomes of the courses is that the brainstorming sessions have became shorter, more effective and more productive. And even more enjoyable.