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The Rules for breaking Creativity Rules

Or: how to direct the mind toward breakthrough innovative and creative new ideas

Creativity boosting training for developing interactive & integrated ideas & projects

It is commonly agreed that the most original and innovative creative ideas are those which break the rules and take an unpredictable approach. However, one could look at the issue from a completely different perspective and see that, underneath the obvious surface, these apparently unique creative ideas share some patterns of thinking. Patterns which paradoxically help one to break the existing common moulds and originate surprising, and highly innovative ideas.


  • How to transform a brand into a warrior for a surprising cause, and initiate a social or cultural movement.
  • How to create a media experience which will put the brand in the center of a public debate, and thus enabling incremental marketing results and sales.
  • How to create, within a limited media budget, ideas which provoke strong media coverage and social network buzz.
  • How to invent and launch a (fictitious) new product which will attract lots of (free) media and public attention to your core brand.
  • How to transform a (banal) promotion into an unforgettable public and personal experience for consumers.
  • How to use consumer’s creativity and people’s desire for attention/ recognition for co-creating stimulating brand experiences.
  • How to transform a static medium into an interactive platform and a stage for live event with spontaneous participation of consumers.
  • How to create entertaining branded content & surprising branded entertainment.

Training goals:

  • Gain new insights into the creative thinking patterns behind the most creative recent campaigns in the field of classical advertising and Interactive & Integrated communication.
  • Acquire practical tools to lead their organization in the process of ideation and creation of new concepts and new campaigns.
  • Learn a new process to inspire and foster creativity and, at the same time, gives a clear direction for developing new ideas.
  • Create a structured process for stimulating new ideas by practical thinking tools enabling creators to direct their minds and imagination in clear directions, which proves to be highly fertile with new creative opportunities.

This training program is designed for:

a mixed group of creatives, digital, client service and planners.


2 days