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Creating Ideas which Create Business

Agencies can produce much more than advertising ideas. Learn how to use your creative assets for generating new business opportunities through product innovation.

This program is for those who wish to use their agency’s creative assets to generate new business by creating innovative products or services for their clients; and for extending your agencies capabilities  for gaining new business and clients. These ideas are born from the brand idea/message, thereby translating the brand narrative into business opportunities. capabilities

Mindscapes methodology and thinking tools are geared to create a culture of innovation within an agency, and supply a practical and highly applicable set of tools to enable the agency to incorporate product innovation as part of their advertising and communications offerings for clients.

Training goals:

  • Enlarging the scope of creative outcome and creative services provided by the agency by incorporating product innovation as part of the strategic and creative offering of the agency.
  • Incorporating a structured method of providing new solutions and new business opportunities to current or new clients.
  • Incorporating a method for identifying and exploiting opportunities for expanding current business, or for winning new business for the agency.
  • How to implement an inventive thinking culture which relates to the client’s business environment, not just their communications environment

Workshop Content:

  • Understanding the principals of inventive thinking
  • Understanding new ways of looking at given systems, their components, resources and variables. Then utilizing them in creative formats.
  • Learning practical methods for developing new relevant, attractive, innovative products/services.
  • Practicing and implement the thinking tools on real agency / company /pitch briefs, challenges and projects.
  • Reassuring practical implementation of the tools learnt in daily work.

This training program is designed for:

a mixed group of creatives, digital, client service and planners.


Two days- the full program, or one day (partial program)