Creative thinking tools for developing creative advertising

This training program provides the agency professionals- creatives, client service and planners- practical thinking tools for creating original, surprising and effective creative ideas concepts and campaigns, mainly for ‘classic’ adv. media such as TV, print, OOH etc.

The creative thinking tools are developed by analyzing every year the creative thinking patterns behind the most awarded advertising campaigns that win creative awards, i.e. Cannes Lions, Eurobest, New York Festivals, Spikes Asia etc.

These thinking tools help creators use their own creative talent in a more fertile and efficient way and to stimulate unconventional, unexpected yet powerful ideas.

Training goals:

  • Enable creators to enlarge their scope of thinking, so as to make fuller use of their own inborn creative potential.
  • Speed up the creative thinking process, thus to shorten the time spent on developing powerful new ideas.
  • Supply a common creative language that inspires team work and makes brain storming more fertile and more productive.
  • Supply tools for transforming creative ideas into effective communication.
  • Supply creative tools for creating effective guerilla ideas,¬† creative use of media resources and inventing new media ideas.
  • Supply common language to improve the internal communication accounts- creatives, thus to make the agency work more efficient.
  • Supply the logic and the rationale behind highly creative ideas for successfully presenting creative ideas to clients, to convince them to approve such ideas.
  • Practice the tools on real agency briefs so as to reassure practical implementation of the tools in daily work.

This training program is designed for:

mixed group of creatives, client service and planners


2 days