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Creative Tools for Uncovering Insights

Acquiring powerful thinking tools for revealing powerful insights
An agency, client or a joint agency&client training

The majority of the most creative and effective award winning campaigns are based on game-changing insights. Yet, uncovering a truly powerful insight is one of the hardest tasks in marketing and advertising.

This workshop suggests a unique way of defining an insight (hint: it is not a single revelation). It then presents a set of unique practical thinking tools, which enable us to look at reality via different prisms to reveal powerful insights.

Mindscapes Insight tools were created by a deconstruction analysis of the most creative& effective award winning campaigns, while revealing the specific Insight mechanisms they use.


  • Gaining insights about the essentials of a powerful insight.
  • Learning how to approach an insight as a chain of revelations, not a single revelation.
  • Understanding the difference between data or information and an insight, and the difference between a promise and an insight.
  • Learning new methods and structured tools for revealing insights.
  • Learning how to use insights for articulating new surprising brand perspectives.
  • Learning tools for selecting and prioritizing promises when there are several options.
  • Creating better cooperation between all disciplines involved in the thinking process: clients, accounts, planners, creatives, etc.


  • How to define an insight and understand what really makes it tick.
  • How to find inspiring observations, which are ‘hidden’ in our minds because we are ‘fixated’ at analyzing a situation from a specific comfortable perspective.
  • How to map and identify conflicts, which in many cases encapsulate a personal or social dilemma which leads to a meaningful insight.
  • How to look differently at problems, so as to find new opportunities where we least expect to find them.
  • How to defy and challenge existing assumptions, perceptions, and conventions to reveal insights with viable differentiation points.
  • How to recognize relevant causes with high significance to consumers and their lives, to reveal territories where brands can make an important impact.
  • How to detect and initiate “Emotional Investment” and not just emotions.
  • How to identify and understand associative benefits, which can be translated into insightful brand promises.

 This training program is designed for:

Agencies (a mixed group of creatives, client service, strategy and  planners), companies  ( marketing, communications and brand executives), or as a joint client & agency training.


2 days.