Creative thinking tools for developing creative promotional concepts and campaigns

This training program is designed to supply marketing & communication professionals with practical thinking tools for the creation of innovative and powerful promotional concepts and campaigns, and to deliver and communicate them in effective and impactful ways.

The focus of this training is threefold: 

  1. Inventing and developing new concepts for promoting a brand/ product.
  2. Creating communication platforms to communicate the promotion.
  3. Use creatively various points of contact to engage and activate consumers in the promotion.

The training is run in an interactive workshop style format, applying the new thinking tools directly on real briefs/company’s brands and products. 

Training goals:

  • Gain some insights into that which makes some promotions more successful and effective than others.
  • Teach and practice some thinking tools to create and develop innovative mechanics and concepts for original promotions.
  • Teach and practice some tools for creating communication platforms for promotions.
  • Practice and master creative thinking tools for using existing POP/POC resources in some unexpected and powerful ways to affect and engage consumers.
  • Learn tools for transforming passive viewers into active participants in the campaign.
  • Learn new ways to transform static media into an interactive site and a starting point of a communication event or a media happening.
  • Assure practical implementation of the new tools in daily work.


This training course is designed for:

marketing professionals, brand managers, communication, marcom, interactive & digital, advertising professionals.


2 days