Creative Tools for BTL, creative communication activities, Promotions, DM & events

This training is designed to introduce participants to the thinking patterns behind some of the most creative campaigns and award winning works in the field of BTL, promotions, events, POS and DM. Thus, it offers practical thinking tools that allow professionals to apply them to their work. These tools enable participants to come up with more creative and effective ideas, and implement them on various tasks and client’s briefs.

Training goals:

  • To supply professionals in the BTL field with tools for coming up with creative ideas for BTL concepts and campaigns & BTL creative communication.
  • Supply tools for manipulating creatively existing BTL/POS resources for coming up with surprising ideas.
  • Teach tools for transforming passive consumers into active participants in the communication and in the campaign itself.
  • Teach tools for creating a creative link between the message and the medium.
  • Supply tools for identifying & exploiting effectively new BTL/ POP media & opportunities.
  • Tools for enhancing creativity in direct communication.
  • Coaching to enableĀ  smooth and daily implementation of these tools on real briefs.

This training is designed for:

BTL/TTL, DM, Promotions, events & PR professionals.


2 day.