Enhancing Creativity in marketing and communication skills

This training program is designed to supply marketing professionals with new creative thinking tools to enhance their skills and know-how in developing new marketing ideas and concepts, solving problems and promoting the brand in various channels and media.
Marketing professionals will learn to tackle and solve marketing issues and problems from different perspectives by using creative tools and principles.

Due to the vast variety of possible implementations of the creative thinking tools the final training program is decided upon jointly by the client and us, after learning the specific goals, needs and objectives of your company/ staff, and producing a tailor made program to obtain these goals.

Main topics of this training program:

  • Thinking tools for developing/inventing new products/services.
  • Tools for developing new promises for the brand;
  • Tools for the development of a communication strategy.
  • Tools for selecting and prioritizing the main message for your brand.
  • Tools for creative problems solving, and for transforming problems into marketing opportunities.
  • How to uncover and gain consumer insights for developing a powerful communication strategy.
  • Tools for developing creative& effective promotional campaigns& ideas.
  • Tools for creating effective communication & events in POC/ POP.
  • Creative ways to leverage the existing distributional resources of the company/brand.
  • Practicing all the above mentioned tools on real existing company’s brands, tasks and projects.

This training course is designed for:

marketing professionals, brand managers, communication and marcom professionals.


2 days.>