Creative tools for Media agencies

An analysis of the most creative and effective recent media campaigns reveals that, in spite of the great variety of media used, the variety of technologies, and the uniqueness and the originality of each campaign idea, there are yet some recurring thinking patterns behind these ideas.

This training is designed to familiarize media professionals with these innovative thinking patterns, and supply them with practical thinking tools to enhance their creative potential and inspire them to create more creative and effective media ideas, campaigns and media solutions.

Training goals:

  • Introduce staff in the media profession to new thinking tools that enables them to generate innovative ideas more efficiently, and to enlarge their “toolbox” in their work.
  • Teach a set of creative thinking tools that enable us to better create new ideas for media campaigns.
  • Empower and inspire participants to develop unconventional and original ideas.
  • Coach participants to apply the learned tools on real briefs and tasks and develop original, relevant and inspiring ideas.
  • Help the agency to better present and sell creative solutions to clients.


  • How to create a new and surprising media “experience” which will put the brand in the center of a public debate, and thus enabling incremental marketing results and sales.
  • How to create ideas and concepts for branded content & surprising branded entertainment.
  • How to use consumer’s creativity and people’s desire for attention/ recognition for co-creating stimulating brand experiences.
  • How to use the media resources to enhance the creative work.
  • Creating an inventive and unusual link between the brand idea or message, the context and the medium itself.
  • How to transform a brand into a warrior for a surprising cause, and initiate a social or cultural movement in the service of the brand.
  • How to create, within a limited media budget, ideas which provoke strong media coverage and social network buzz.
  • How to invent and launch a (fictitious) new product which will attract lots of media and public attention to your core brand.
  • How to transform a (banal) promotion into an unforgettable public and personal experience for consumers.
  • How to transform a static medium into an interactive platform and a stage for live event with spontaneous participation of consumers.


This training is designed for:

media professionals.


2 day.