Creative thinking tools for developing
Outstanding PR ideas and campaigns

By deconstructing the most innovative and creative PR, social, digital and integrated campaign, Mindscapes reveals some recurring thinking patterns, embedded behind these great creative ideas.

Mindscapes’ uniqueness approach consists in identifying these patterns, and transforming them into practical creative thinking tools.

This workshop presents some of the most amazing creative and effective campaigns, as well as the practical thinking tools behind these campaigns.

Each tool suggests a different disruptive technique to look at the ‘current system’, be it the digital platform, the product, the brand/ company, the medium etc. and to deconstruct it in order to create new innovative ideas. Participants are tasked to apply the tools on real advertising briefs and come up with new creative ideas.

This training is designed to familiarize PR and communications professionals with these creative thinking patterns, and supply them with practical thinking tools to enhance their creative potential and inspire them to create more innovative, creative and effective ideas, campaigns and solutions.

The take-home value for participants:

  • Gain new insights into the creative thinking patterns behind the most creative recent campaigns in the field of PR, social, Digital, Interactive & Integrated communication.
  • Acquire practical tools to lead their organization in the process of ideation and creation of new concepts and new campaigns.
  • Understand the factors of success behind some of the most inventive and creative digital/ interactive ideas and campaigns that are created internationally and in various markets worldwide.
  • Teach a set of creative thinking tools for creating innovative strategies, based on consumer insights which enable us to better create new ideas in these fields.
  • To empower, direct and inspire participants to develop unconventional and original ideas.
  • Coach participants to apply the learned tools on real briefs and tasks and develop original, relevant and inspiring ideas.


  • How to use the interactive tools and to cross the border between the on-line and the off-line worlds, thus creating innovative usage of the digital tools in people’s every-day life.
  • How to create innovative applications and new usage of existing technologies for new brand experiences and brand communication.
  • How to transform a brand into a warrior for a surprising cause, and initiate a social or cultural movement in the service of the brand.
  • How to break perceptional and structural fixedness by dividing a system into components or by creating new connections between variables of systems, so as to create new and unexpected experiences for people, experiences where the brand and its “story” is part of the experience.
  • How to create a new and surprising media “experience” which will put the brand in the center of a public debate, and thus enabling incremental marketing results and sales.
  • How to use consumer’s creativity and people’s desire for attention/ recognition for co-creating stimulating brand experiences.
  • How to create, within a limited media budget, ideas which provoke strong and social network buzz and free media coverage.
  • How to invent and launch a (temporary/tactical) new digital product/ service which will attract lots of media and public attention to the core brand.
  • How to transform a (banal) interactive promotion into an unforgettable public and personal experience for consumers.

This program is designed for:

PR, media, communication and/or marketing professionals.


2 days.