Evaluating Creative Work

1 day Joint Client- Agency training

This seminar is aimed at helping agency and client develop a common language for evaluating creative work to ensure that the most effective ideas and work is approved.

By working together to create a common set of evaluation criteria the sessions are designed to achieve agreement about the factors underlying creative & effective ideas.

Special emphasis is placed on understanding what makes a piece of advertising effective as a piece of communication, both from the perspective of the viewer and the client’s brand strategy.

The tangible outcome of the seminar is a practical set of evaluation criteria agreed to by all.


  • Develop a list of criteria for assessing creative work.
  • Assess the value of a creative idea.
  • Gain some insights into the factors which transform a creative idea into an effective campaign.
  • Overcome common misconceptions in judging creative work.
  • Gain first hand insights into the indispensability of a focused, single minded proposition, and the value of a focused brief.
  • Provide a common language for constructive feedback for developing creative work.

Expected Benefits

  • Better and smoother cooperation between client and agency.
  • Increase the frequency of approving the most creative/effective campaigns.
  • More efficient and productive internal creative reviews.
  • Improvement of the level, the focus and the accuracy of the briefs.

This training program is designed for:

a mixed team of both client & agency professionals.


1 day.