Creative thinking tools for Mastering Digital Creativity and Digital Storytelling

This training program examines the most recent innovative & effective award winning campaigns from around the world, implementing contemporary storytelling features. It identifies recurring thinking patterns behind the campaign ideas. Based on these patterns, it explores fields of interactive-integrated digital storytelling and supplies structured thinking tools for generating new innovative & effective ideas. The tools are then implemented by the participants on real agency /client briefs and tasks.

The Agenda Addresses Questions Such as:

  • What kind of contemporary storytelling approaches are there?
  • What do you need to know in order to become a good creator of stories in marketing communications today?
  • What kind of insights are helpful in creating an effective story today?
  • How effective can digital storytelling be?
  • What are some key factors in effective digital story-based projects?
  • How are they applicable to every brand/product/service/category/market/size?
  • What practical thinking tools can you master, so that they can help you achieve all this in an efficient and effective manner?

Topics covered

  • 4 kinds of digital storytelling approaches
  • 5-6 structured thinking tools for creating digitally led storytelling campaigns
  • How to use integrated and interactive methods of delivering a story, crossing the border between online and offline using innovative platforms, so as to reach more people in everyday life
  • How to deliver a story by using existing resources and platforms in a new unexpected manner
  • How to deliver a story by transforming a brand into a warrior for a surprising cause and initiating a social or cultural movement
  • How to deliver a story by creating a new surprising media experience which will put the brand at the center of the public stage
  • How to deliver a story by letting people experience a truth for themselves in a concrete creative manner rather than just presenting it before them.
  • How to deliver a story by inviting consumers to a proprietary engaging challenge as participators or followers.
  • How to generate “Emotional Crowdfunding” for recruiting an emotional investment from consumers which do not just believe a story, but rather believe in a story
  • How to use consumer creativity and people’s desire for attention/recognition to co-create stimulating story based experiences

This training program is designed for:

a mixed group of creatives, client service, planning, social media and digital professionals


Two days