The power of creative thinking in times of economical, marketing or brand/ company crisis

(Note: can also be in a form of presentation to agency/ clients)

In times of crisis we have to adopt new ways of thinking. Conventional thinking and straight forward solutions fall short in meeting the changing needs of consumers, of the market, and the budget constraints.

Case studies reveal that companies and agencies who were able to think& act differently in times of crisis, were able to increase their market share, increase loyalty and strengthen their brand, even in times of crisis. Moreover, those who were able to think differently were able to identify opportunities in problems and take advantage of those problems for the benefit of their brand and market share.
The program includes a presentation of dozens of case studies of advertising campaigns, marketing ideas and communication strategies that proved to be highly effective in problematic/ challenging/ crisis situations.

It is designed to familiarize participants with some different ways of thinking, and supply them with practical thinking tools to enhance their creative potential and inspire them to create more effective ideas and campaigns, designed for coping with crisis/ problematic situations of the brand and/ or the market.

Main topics:

  • Gain some insights into consumer’s attitudes, needs, thoughts and beliefs in times of crisis.
  • Analyze and understand the success factors of effective campaigns, launched in problematic/ crisis situations.
  • Learn some new thinking tools how to think differently and how to find new opportunities in problems.
  • How to use effectively digital/interactive media& channels to promote effectively your brands and gain effective and consumer engagement& response.
  • How to identify new (and cheaper) media opportunities and use them to create impactful and engaging communication.
  • Practice and apply the learned tools on real client’s briefs and challenges.

This training is designed for:

all ad professionals: creatives, accounts, planners, media, digital & Interactive, PR etc.


1 day.