Pick Your Theme Workshop

Expanding Creativity Within a Specific Category

Zooming in and developing marketing communication ideas
using structured thinking tools most relevant to a specific category/topic

Looking at the big picture is important. But… sometimes zooming in and focusing on a specific area is the only way to find exactly what you are looking for. And since every marketing category has a life of its own, it should also have a workshop of its own.

The Mindscapes Theme Workshop aims to get specific insights into the creative potential of your category, and to broaden your team’s ability to generate effective marketing communication ideas considering the category limitations, opportunities and codes of behavior.

Every Theme Workshop examines and studies the recent and most effective & creative award winning advertising ideas in a specific category/allocated to a specific topic. It then identifies the recurring patterns of thinking behind these ideas. Based on these patterns, it suggests structured thinking tools for developing new original ideas most suited for your specific brand. Including thinking tools aimed at breaking the rules of the category, using patterns which have successfully and repeatedly generated innovative thinking in the past.
Each tool is presented and then implemented by the participants on real briefs reflecting real challenges and tasks facing your brand, in its current communications environment.

The outcome:

  • A broader outlook and perspectives of the category in terms of the current and up-to- date international marketing, innovations and communications ideas developed in the category.
  • A set of specific creative tools and approaches which can be applied by the agency/company teams to create relevant and effective ideas within the category constraints.
  • A set of kick-starter concepts and ideas, generated by participants during the workshop and which can be further developed.

This training program is designed for:

A mix of participants from different disciplines on the client’s and on the agency side.
The program can also be implemented as a proprietary workshop for an agency or a brand.


One or two days.