Cracking the Codes of Innovation in Communications

By deconstructing the most innovative and creative digital and integrated campaigns, Mindscapes decodes recurring thinking patterns embedded in these ideas.

Based on this, Mindscapes has developed a unique set of creative thinking tools, geared to direct the creative mind to deconstruct in order to innovate.

Mindscapes tools have a proven record of helping agencies & clients in creating highly creative & effective campaigns.

This program presents some of the most innovative and creative winning ideas, and the thinking tools pattern they represent.

Each pattern is translated into a tool, which suggests a different disruptive technique to look at a ‘current system’, be it the digital platform, the product, the brand/ company, the medium etc. and suggests how to deconstruct it in order to create innovative ideas.

The tools

During the training 6-7 creative thinking tools will be presented and practiced by participants.

The tools can be divided into two sorts:

  1. Tools that lead to the creation of impartial nonaligned ideas (media neutral). Then, depending on the idea, these are implemented on the most appropriate mix of media platforms (social, digital, mobile, event/pop, classic media channels).
  2.  Tools that lead to the creation of innovative ideas on a given system/platform (such as Facebook, You tube, mobile, etc) using various disruptive techniques applied on these systems. Once a breakthrough idea emerges, it suggests paths for transforming the idea into an innovative and engaging new brand experience.

The take-home value for participants

  • Acquire practical tools to lead their team and organization in the process of ideation and creation of new concepts and new campaigns.
  • Learn a new process that inspires and fosters creativity, and at the same time, gives a clear direction for developing effective new ideas.
  • Create a structured process for stimulating new ideas by practical thinking tools enabling creators to direct their minds and imagination in clear directions, which prove to be highly fertile with new creative opportunities.

This training is designed for:

all agency professionals: creative department, client service, planning, media, PR etc.


Two days.