Cracking the Codes of Branded Content

Acquiring structured thinking tools for developing engaging creative Branded Content ideas, in a multi-platform world flooded with content.

Branded Content today takes on many shapes and forms in an ever-growing variety of formats and platforms. Yet… If looked at closely from a different perspective, one may notice that behind this diversity, lays a variety of specific recurring thinking patterns. Patterns which when translated into structured thinking tools, can help answer key questions such as: how can a brand effectively deliver a message, while also delivering an outcome people engage with on the merits of its value as content?


  • Learning how to translate brand innovation into innovative Branded Content
  • Realizing how classical media platforms can be used at the service of effective Branded Content
  • Realizing how digital platforms/systems can be used at the service of effective Branded Content
  • Understanding how to effectively put people’s inborn creative skills and desire for appreciation to use at the service of effective Branded Content
  • Transforming storytelling into storyteching ideas which trigger captivating Branded Content

Topics: how to generate branded content by…

  • Transforming a brand into a warrior for a surprising cause, thereby initiating a social or cultural movement and emotional investment
  • Inventing and launching an original tactical offering, thereby presenting an entertaining new experience or behavior never seen before
  • Introducing a temporary new role which can be performed by the TA or can interact with the TA
  • Igniting an unusual occurrence/experience/offering as a result of breaking functional and structional fixedness by deconstructing a known system (e.g., a medium, a device, a product, a POS, etc.) into components/variables/resources
  • Empowering emotional stories by making life easier for people in unexpected creative new ways
  • Launching a creative extreme challenge which attracts attention and generate sport’s like drama
  • Proving a point using an unexpected demonstration or experiment with a fascinating process or result to follow (whether scientific or… comic)
  • Turning innovative digital platforms into innovative human stories

This training program is designed for:

Agencies (a mixed group of creatives, client service, strategy and planners), companies (marketing, communications and brand executives), or as a joint client & agency training.


Two days.