Applying new tools to win more creative awards

Some agencies want to improve the overall effectiveness of their work, and may call us to help them to do so. However, some agencies are quite satisfied with their overall work and its positive impact for their clients, and are specifically interested in winning more creative awards. This training project is designed for the latter.

In this training program we focus on supplying the agency staff with the most creative and unexpected thinking tools, as they appear in the most recent internationally awarded creative works. The motto here is pushing your creative talent to its extreme limits, and beyond.

A larger emphasis is put on coaching participants to master the creative variations and spins of the thinking tools, so that they can truly surprise themselves and others.


  • Overall, to assist the agency to create more award winning works, by:
  • Coaching participants to use their own creative talent more effectively.
  • Supplying creative thinking tools that enable creators to come up with original, surprising and unexpected new ideas.
  • Learning and mastering those patterns that are particularly the favorite of creative festival juries.
  • Training participants to rediscover the power of simplicity in creativity, those ideas that are hidden right below our nose.
  • Mastering the twists and the variations of some creative thinking tools: the surprise behind the surprise.

This training program is designed for:

selected teams from the agency: creative department, client service, planning, Digital& interactive.


2 days.