Applying new tools to win new business

This project aims at helping the agency win new business by coaching its teams in creating the strategy and the creative work, while learning and applying various creative thinking tools, relevant to these tasks.

Thus, this training/ coaching project is truly a 2 in 1 product and has two main benefits: assisting the agency to win new business, using our expertise and experience working extensively with both clients and agencies worldwide; and supplying the agency teams with new thinking tools while applying them directly on real tasks in a real time situation.


  • Assist the agency develop the best strategy for the brief.
  • Assist the teams develop powerful and effective creative ideas for a campaign.
  • Transform good ideas into an engaging integrated campaign, using a variety of media and points of contact to maximize exposure and engagement of target consumers.
  • Assist the agency to better present and convince the client.
  • Teach and coach the teams to use various creative thinking tools, and apply them directly on a challenging task.
  • Enable the agency to recognize and realize for itself the efficacy and the potential of the thinking tools.

This training is designed for:

selected teams from the agency: creative department, client service, planning, media, PR etc.


2 days.