Creative thinking tools for developing
Outstanding PR ideas and campaigns

With the fast development and spread of new digital and interactive media there is a similarly rapid evolution in the scope of PR and the newly available social tools for creating an effective PR campaign.
A recent analysis of the most creative and effective PR campaigns reveals that in spite of the great variety of media used, the variety of technologies, and the uniqueness and the originality of each campaign idea, there are yet some recurring creative thinking patterns behind these ideas.
This training is designed to familiarize PR, media and communication professionals with these innovative thinking patterns, and supply them with practical thinking tools to enhance their creative potential and inspire them to create more creative and effective ideas and campaigns.

Training targets

  • Introduce the notion of patterns of thinking behind creative PR campaigns.
  • Understand the factors of success behind some of the most inventive and creative ideas and campaigns that were created internationally and in various markets worldwide.
  • Teach creative thinking tools that enable us to better create new ideas for PR campaigns, as stand alone, or integrated with other disciplines (Marketing, sales promotions, advertising, interactive media etc).
  • To empower and inspire participants to develop unconventional and original ideas.
  • Coach participants to apply the learned tools on real client’s briefs and tasks and develop original, relevant and inspiring ideas.

Expected results

The following benefits can be expected as a result and outcome of the training:

  • More and better new ideas, even for the harder and more challenging/boring briefs and communication tasks.
  • The creation of more inspiring, engaging and effective campaigns.
  • Speed up the creative thinking process, thus to shorten the time of developing good and inspiring new ideas.
  • More fertile and more productive brain storming sessions.
  • More people that can actually create new ideas.

This program is designed for:

PR, media, communication and/or marketing professionals.


2 days.