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Cracking the codes of Creativity for Good

How to apply effective creative thinking when aiming for ideas which communicate commitment and actions for good and suggest solutions which help make the world, planet or society a better place to live in. And how to do so in a unique, original, differentiated manner.

This program examines recent effective innovative award-winning campaigns in the field of creativity for good from around the world, i.e. environment, sustainability, purpose driven, social impact, DE&I, while decoding the recurring thinking patterns embedded in them. Based on these patterns, it then offers practical thinking tools for developing new original disruptive ideas utilizing a more efficient-structured creative thinking process. The program supplies brand and agency teams with practical creative thinking tools and a methodology to develop more powerful innovative ideas and solutions in these fields.

Training goals

Acquiring practical thinking tools for creating breakthrough concepts, ideas and solutions in brand communications addressing various challenges in creativity for good
Exploring practical thinking mechanisms helping generate differentiated disruptive ideas, branded content, PR and branded corporate communications via valuable solutions, offerings, actions, and roles
Learning new ways to approach creativity for good challenges requiring innovative outcomes and inventive thinking
Attaining a new process to inspire, stimulate and foster creativity which empowers creative sustainability/ societal/ purpose driven solutions and delivers engaging storytelling on multiple platforms and formats



How to create unexpected connections between different variables of a system (e.g., a product/service, media platform, company, organization etc.) which were never connected before, thus creating a new story, value, content while delivering a clear purposeful idea


How to overcome structural and functional fixedness by using existing components and resources in unexpected ways, thus delivering a message in an unexpected way and creating a surprising story reflecting creativity for good


How to provide a tangible empowering purpose driven role which people will appreciate and wish to perform or follow


How to invent and launch a tactical new offering which will attract unpaid earned media and public attention to the brand and its creativity for good purpose/ initiative


How to generate a creative translation of an abstract/complicated data input into a clear, relatable, valuable creative output addressing an environmental/ societal/ purposeful challenge


How to transform real-time data into real-time activations engaging people in real-life when addressing a sustainability/societal/purposeful based agenda


How to deliver an engaging purpose driven story by inviting people to participate in a proprietary unexpected extreme challenge


How to deliver a purpose driven story by transforming a purposeful message into a distinctive exhibition or performance which is transformed into a unique interactive experience


How to use interactive platforms and cross the border between the on-line and off-line worlds, while creating innovative purposeful-based usage of digital platforms in people's every-day life

Designed for

Agency training: a mixed group of disciplines. Mainly creatives, but also planners, accounts, media, PR, etc. from different levels of experience and seniority.
Brand training: A mixed group of marketing and sustainability disciplines. Sustainability officers, brand managers, product managers, PR managers, etc. from different levels of experience and seniority.
Joint client-agency training: both

Formats: 1-2 days on-site training or a bespoke set of online sessions