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Creating ideas which create business

How to use your agency’s creative assets for generating new business opportunities through product innovation and inventive thinking

In today’s complex multi-platform marketing reality, creative agencies are expected to take on a wider and much more influential role than delivering advertising solutions. Their unique creative assets can help generate new business opportunities for clients through product innovation, breakthrough solutions and inventive thinking born from the brand narrative and values (the agency’s natural and classical habitat).

The Mindscapes methodology helps cultivate a culture of innovation within an agency, incorporating a set of highly practical and applicable structured thinking tools which enable new product/service development.



Understanding and applying principals of inventive thinking


Incorporating a structured method of providing innovative solutions which can lead to new business


Incorporating a structured method for identifying new opportunities in which clients can expand current business or gain new business


Disrupting structural and functional fixedness so as to break away from mental barriers and conventional thinking, when considering new product/service ideas


Identifying insightful needs and barriers which can be addressed so as to provide valuable new solutions for consumers


Structured thinking tools which suggest a disruptive technique for deconstructing a system into resources and components so as to create new innovative ideas


Structured thinking tools which suggest how to consider new systems altogether, while overcoming conventions and habitual thinking

Designed for

Agency training: a mixed group of disciplines. Mainly creatives, but also planners, accounts, media, PR, etc. from different levels of experience and seniority. Can also be implemented as a joint client-agency session.

Duration : 1-2 days