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Creativity in times of crisis

A Mindscapes online training program

In times of crisis we have to adopt new ways of thinking. When things are rapidly changing, we need to be attentive, flexible, inventive and creative so as to best address new behaviours and needs of people, brands, markets and budget constraints.

Companies which were able to think & act differently in times of crisis, applying a flexible frame of mind and a disruptive outlook on reality, were able to increase market share, relevance and brand affinity. Providing valuable creative footprints which can be followed.

This program presents and decodes outstanding cases of successful marketing and communications strategies, ideas and campaigns, which proved to be highly effective during times of crisis and adversity. It then offers a set of practical insight, inventive and creative thinking tools which can inspire and direct your team to specific thinking paradigms for achieving the transformation and adaptation most relevant when contending with crisis implications.



Analysing insightful case studies addressing a variety of challenges and tasks during times of crisis and recession


Attaining new perspectives and learning how to change our own perceptions towards given challenging situations, so that we see them in different prisms and identify new possibilities for new solutions


Learning how to turn problems into opportunities (without being opportunistic)


Learning a set of structured insight thinking tools which can help spot new behaviours, new emotional and mental needs, new barriers and obstacles, which can be addressed as a basis for innovative/creative new solutions, offerings and stories during times of crisis


Learning a set of structured innovative thinking tools for

a. creating new products or services or roles, geared to answer new needs / behaviors / barriers reflected in times of crisis

b.for incorporating innovation in your brand communications


Learning a set of structured creative thinking tools which can help touch hearts, gain empathy and generate ideas more meaningful to people during challenging times


Practicing and applying the new tools on real actual briefs and challenges

Designed for

This program can be applied as a short (1.5-2 h) webinar, or as a series of online interactive workshop/ training sessions for your teams

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