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Decoding innovation

How to inspire innovation in brand communications using the combined power of structured creative and inventive thinking

This program examines the most highly innovative award-winning campaigns from recent years, which have provided unprecedented, unpredictable, unexpected new experiences, solutions and stories to the world. By utilizing creative + inventive thinking. It then proceeds to decoding the recurring thinking patterns which reside within them. Based on these patterns, it then offers structured thinking tools for developing new breakthrough innovative ideas suited for current brand communications needs. Including NPD ideas within the realm of brand communications. After each thinking tool is presented, it is implemented by participants on actual briefs & tasks, so as to provide them with a tangible real-life test drive for each tool.

Training goals

Acquiring a new process which inspires and cultivates innovation in brand communications
Expanding the creative thinking scope and learning new ways to approach challenges requiring innovative outcomes and inventive thinking
Acquiring helpful tools to lead an in-house process of ideation and creation of new concepts for new campaigns
Understanding key factors of success behind some of the most innovative brand communications ideas created in various markets worldwide


During the training 6-7 creative thinking tools will be presented and practiced by participants. The tools are divided into two sorts:


Tools which lead to the creation of nonaligned media neutral ideas. Then, depending on the idea, these are implemented on the most appropriate mix of media platforms (social, digital, mobile, event, POS, classical media, creative new channels)


Tools which lead to the creation of innovative ideas on a given system/platform (social/digital/classical, apps, devices, wearables, POS, home, etc.) using various disruptive techniques applied on these systems. Once breakthrough ideas emerge, paths for transforming them into innovative brand experiences and engaging branded content are explored. Overall, some tools reveal a disruptive technique for looking at an existing ‘system’, be it a digital platform, a medium, a device, a product, etc. and deconstructing/reconstructing it in an innovative way which helps deliver the brand message. Others suggest specific methods for developing new systems altogether

Designed for

Agency training: a mixed group of disciplines. Mainly creatives, but also planners, accounts, media, PR, etc. from different levels of experience and seniority. Brand training: A mixed group of marketing and communications disciplines. Marketing managers, brand managers, product managers, advertising managers, PR managers, etc. from different levels of experience and seniority.
Joint client-agency training: both

Formats : 2 days on-site training or a bespoke set of online sessions