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Mastering creativity in media

How to develop effective creative media-based ideas using a structured creative thinking method

An analysis of recent effective creative media-based ideas from around the world reveals that in spite of the great variety of platforms used, the variety of technologies used, and the originality of how they were used, some recurring patterns of thinking can be identified and decoded. This session is designed to familiarize media professionals with such thinking patterns and supply them with practical creative thinking tools based on these patterns. So as to boost the creative thinking skills required to address a key challenge: translating a brand idea into creative media ideas, delivered to different audiences, on multiple channels, using innovative formats. After each thinking tool is presented, it is implemented by participants on actual briefs & tasks, so as to provide them with a tangible real-life test drive for each tool.

Training goals

Introducing the notion of thinking patterns behind successful creative media ideas and campaigns
Understanding key factors of success behind some of the most inventive and creative award-winning media ideas which were created in various markets worldwide
Delivering a set of practical creative thinking tools that enable a more effective and efficient way to create new ideas for media-based campaigns
Enlarging the creative thinking toolbox at the disposal of media professionals
Helping media agencies and professionals develop, present and approve creative ideas for their clients



How to use interactive platforms to cross the border between the on-line and off-line worlds, thus creating innovative usage of digital tools/platforms in people's every-day life


How to create a new surprising media ``experience`` which will put the brand at the center of a public debate, thus enabling incremental marketing results and earned media


How to use media platforms & formats in a way which generates interactive branded content & branded entertainment leading to effective story sharing


How to create innovative usage of classical media platforms for generating a digital brand experience. Leading to engaging branded content


How to transform a static medium into an interactive medium and a stage for live event with spontaneous participation of consumers


How to create an inventive and unusual link between the brand idea/offering and a medium's technology/offering


How to invent and launch a fictitious tactical offering/product which will attract lots of media and public attention to the brand idea


How to prove your point in an engaging unusual manner, using media as the enabler


How to reach a positive result by sabotaging/removing a media platform rather than improving/adding


How to transform a banal promotion into an unforgettable public and personal experience for consumers, using media platforms in innovative unexpected ways


How to generate a creative translation of an abstract/complicated data input into a clear, relatable, valuable creative output.

Designed for

Media professionals from all disciplines involved in creative and strategic thinking and planning

Formats : 2 days on-site training or a bespoke set of online sessions