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Mastering creativity in PR

How to structure creative thinking which fuels optimal PR opportunities

This program examines recent award-winning campaigns driving effective PR outcomes and remarkable unpaid earned media results. While decoding the recurring thinking patterns embedded in them. Based on these patterns, it then explores thinking paths for developing new original ideas which empower PR through a variety of formats, platforms and channels. After each thinking tool is presented, it is implemented by participants on actual briefs & tasks, so as to provide them with a tangible real-life test drive for each tool.

Training goals

Gaining new insights into the creative patterns behind award winning ideas with PR success
Introducing practical thinking tools which enable creative thinking most relevant to impactful PR
Learning a new process to inspire, stimulate and foster creative thinking which helps develop unconventional original PR powered ideas



How to use interactive platforms to cross the border between the on-line and off-line worlds, while igniting consumer generated discussions


How to create, within a limited media budget, ideas which provoke strong media coverage and valuable unpaid earned media results. Igniting unpaid brandversations on multiple channels and platforms


How to structure branded content which delivers authentic stories in non-advertising media channels. Thereby translating conventional storytelling into PR storytelling


How to create a surprising experience which will put the brand at the center of a public debate, thus igniting incremental actionable PR ideas


How to transform a brand into a warrior for a surprising cause. And initiate a social or cultural movement


How to apply a unique extreme challenge which will attract coverage, participants and followers


How to invent and launch a fictitious new product or role, which will attract free unpaid media and public attention to the brand and its message/story


How to transform a static medium into an interactive platform and a stage for a live event with spontaneous participation of consumers


How to utilize celebrities and talents as a holistic part of a creative idea, helping drive more powerful PR


How to produce a creative translation of an abstract/complicated data input into a clear, relatable, valuable PR generating output


How to transform real-time data into real-time activations engaging people in creative ways which ignite powerful stories


How to use the ``Creativity of the Crowd`` and people's desire for attention/recognition to co-create stimulating PR ideas. Turning everyday people into prospects for exceptional stories

Designed for

Main audience: PR professionals. Also relevant to most disciplines at advertising agencies: creatives, accounts, strategy, media, etc.

Formats : 2 days on-site training or a bespoke set of online sessions