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Meditation, calm, clarity and creativity

Online Insight Meditation course with Yonathan Dominitz

This course is designed to initiate participants into the basic know-how and skills of the Insight Meditation (AKA mindfulness) practice.

During the course participants will go through a step-by-step process of learning how to practice meditation. By the end of the course they will be able to set a personal daily routine of meditation practice on their own.

The style and format of the course will be very practical, experiential and practice oriented. Much emphasis is given to personal integration of the meditation instructions, and on the ability to internalize the practice, and overcome the various barriers and obstacles participants face when entering the Insight Mediation.

Course Goals

Increase focus and mental clarity
Build resilience and balance
Learn how to effectively reduce stress
Enhance personal (and team) performance
Enhance creativity
Develop abilities to really listen and be attentive to oneself and others

Course format

This course is composed from seven two hour online sessions, once a week (a total of 14 hours).




The course is open to anyone interested in learning and practicing meditation. The only (yet, so important) commitment required from participants is to attend all sessions, and to commit to a daily practice at home during the course (the length increases gradually from 10 to 30 minutes with the progression of the course). This commitment is crucial for effectively integrating the practice in one’s personal life.

Participants will get a kit with several guided meditation recordings, in various lengths (from 10 to 30 minutes) with gradual mediation instructions, to support their practice during and after the course.

Participants will also get the recordings of the actual meditation sessions.


On Insight Meditation


Insight meditation, as its offspring mindfulness, is one of the most scientifically researched practice these days. Scientists today have realized what was known to meditation practitioners for centuries: meditation has a vast positive impact on many aspects of our lives and wellbeing.

The practice of meditation helps:


  • effectively reduce stress and foster calm
  • cope with uncertainties
  • increase focus and mental clarity
  • enhance personal (and team) performance
  • build resilience and balance
  • enhance creativity
  • develop the ability to really listen and be attentive to oneself and others
  • increase kindness and compassion


These aspects will be discussed and presented during the course. However, this course is not an academic one and is not intended to supply theoretical knowledge. But rather…  to enable participants to experience the effects of Insight Meditation in a direct way, coming from their own individual experience.


Options of attending a course


  • Agency/company course: a tailored course for a team of an agency/ company. To learn more about a suitable meditation course for your team contact us here
  • Individual participation format: for individual participants from different markets.



Dates of the next course for individuals:


To learn about the dates of the next course for individuals contact us here


For a course for your company/team contact us


About the trainer

Yonathan Dominitz practice Insight Meditation since 1997. He has learned and practiced meditation in Asia, UK and Israel. Since 2002 he has been teaching meditation courses and long meditation retreats. Yonathan has conducted numerous meditation courses for individuals, professionals and cancer patients, in Israel, Finland and Romania. He teaches meditation courses for professional teams in hospitals, academic institutions, and companies.

Yonathan is one of the senior meditation teachers at Tovana, the largest Israeli Insight Meditation Society, where he regularly teaches Dharma courses and meditation retreats.

Yonathan is  the co-founder of One on One Meditation a non-profit organisation offering meditation support for cancer patients at their homes, by seasoned meditation volunteer practitioners.  He is also the co-creator and a co-leader of the program for training qualified meditation facilitators for cancer patients.

Yonathan’s teaching style is open and direct. His focus is on the ability to integrate the Dharma teachings* and the meditation practice into a busy modern daily life. His main inspiration comes from the teachings of the Buddha, as transmitted by the early Pali Canon (the earliest Buddhist texts). Other influential teachers on Yonathan’s own practice and teaching style are Rob Burbea, Christopher Titmuss, Charles Genoud, Joseph Goldstein and Jack Kornfield.

*the Buddhist teaching and practice of freedom from stress and conflict.