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One tool at a time

The perfect design for those who need a smaller size

They say good things come in small packages. And although we are very fond of our full-scale training programs, this new small package might be a perfect fit for you. It applies an online format in which only one structured creative thinking tool is presented and practiced. A classic option for a short savvy online session or a smart online addition to what you have already learnt in one of our trainings. The thinking tool discussed in the session will be selected according to your specific needs and requirement, in consistency with any Mindscapes knowledge you have acquired in the past.
Now, the next time we are asked: “where can we learn just a bit more?” we have the perfect response!


Adding a new thinking tool to your thinking pool and further expanding the variety of your structured creative thinking capacity
Experiencing one structured creative thinking tool without the need to commit to a full training
Applying a flexible option which allows you to control your own training pace and training magnitude

How does it work

  • An online class focused on one single creative thinking tool selected with the client (you), chosen according to specific needs
  • Delivered using our world-famous training recipe: decoding a recurring thinking pattern using inspiring case studies, transforming the thinking pattern into a practical thinking tool, applying the thinking tool on a specific brief/task to help experience its capacity
  • Structured for agencies, brands or small groups of individuals


Duration : 2- 2.5 hour

For further information about a “ONE-TOOL-AT-A-TIME” session program tailor made for your team please contact us