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Online course for individuals

If you are not into an agency or a brand session, this could be the perfect platform to independently learn our thinking tools

This course offers an opportunity for individuals in brand communications to independently develop their creative thinking skills. Without the need to rely on a training initiated by their workplace. It also offers agencies and brands a platform for investing in individuals or small teams within their talent pool. Without the need to wait for a group training. In both cases, it provides individuals with an insightful journey into the essence of structured creative thinking throughout different thinking intersections and phases.

The course is constructed from a series of open registration online sessions exploring “Thinking Tools for Breaking Creativity Rules”: a set of unique practical creative thinking tools for structuring breakthrough brand communications ideas in a hectic, multiplatform, storysharing reality.

Training goals

Acquiring practical creative thinking tools based on recurring thinking patterns which have proven to fertile in generating effective creative ideas
Learning a new clear structured process to stimulate and foster creativity
Increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of operating your creative thinking: less waiting for smart ideas, more writing of smart ideas
Learning how to effectively lead a structured process of ideation and creation of new concepts and campaigns



How to cross the border between the on-line and off-line worlds, while creating innovative usage of digital platforms in people's every-day life


How to overcome Fixedness & mental barriers of different sorts, while using components and variables related to a brand in unexpected ways which reflect the brand idea/message


How to transform a brand into a warrior for a surprising creative cause. And initiate a social or cultural movement. Or a public debate


How to invent and launch a new creative tactical offering, which will attract free unpaid media and public attention to the brand and its message/story


How to prove a point in a captivating creative manner, resulting in captivating branded content


How to generate a creative translation of an abstract/complicated data input into a clear, relatable, valuable creative output


How to create, within a limited media budget, ideas which provoke strong media coverage and boundless brandversations


How to transform storytelling into engaging digital storysharing and storyteching outcomes

How does it work

  • A set of 3 X 3 hours long online sessions, on Monday, Wednesday and Friday between 14:00-17:00 CEST (Central European Summer Time)
  • Structured for a group of individual participants from either agency or brand/ company side, registering from all over the world
  • Using our world-famous training recipe: decoding recurring thinking patterns using inspiring case studies, transforming the thinking patterns into practical thinking tools, applying the thinking tools on specific briefs/tasks so as to practice and experience their impact on your creative output


The upcoming course kicks off on July 6th


Dates of the sessions: Monday July 6th, Wednesday July 8th, Friday July 10th between 14:00- 17:00 CEST (Central European Summer Time)

Number of participants in this course is limited.



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