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Our approach

Recurring thinking

It is commonly agreed that the most original and innovative creative ideas are those which break the rules and take an unpredictable approach. However, one could look at the issue from a completely different perspective and notice that underneath the obvious surface, these apparently unique creative ideas share some recurring patterns of thinking. Patterns which when decoded and mastered, can help break existing common molds and originate new highly innovative ideas.


Structured thinking

Our programs suggest a unique toolkit, with a variety of different creative thinking paths relevant to a wide range of creative thinking needs. All derived from decoding recurring thinking patterns embedded in award winning ideas. Thereby providing a set of practical thinking tools for generating new original ideas in a more efficient & effective manner. With thinking methods even the most experienced & awarded professionals can find useful.


Practical thinking

Structuring thinking paths throughout the creative development journey is key. So is managing the chaos required for efficient breakthrough thinking. The Mindscapes thinking tools help achieve exactly that: a clear, practical, structured thinking methodology which helps individuals and teams originate innovative creative outcomes. Prompting the mind to produce better ideas, faster. Helping organize, structure and optimize the ‘storm’ in brainstormings.