Fight for a Cause

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The Cause: 
Change Romania's image on the internet.
McCann Erickson, Bucharest

The Cause: 
Give people a chance to share beautiful words with someone they love.
Ogilvy, Amsterdam

The tool

Create a cause and launch a campaign in which the brand is presenting the cause and supplying the initial platforms for people to engage with the cause and participate in it.

Through the exposure to the cause, the brand idea is reinforced, together with the awareness and sympathy to the brand.


What is a cause?

A cause can be any idea or goal with a common objective which leads people for action in order to change or to obtain it.

Why a Cause?

  • Because people have an emotional or a practical interest in the cause.
  • Because the cause may matter to people more than the brand (people are sometimes sceptical of and suspicious towards brands).

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Although the main focus is on the Cause and not on the brand, at the end of the day, the sympathy and awareness of the cause is reflected back onto the brand.

Step by step


Define the brand idea/value/message/ you wish to convey.


Identify beliefs, behaviors, barriers, emotions, unfulfilled desires, complaints etc., that are related to the brand idea/ message.


Based on any of these Insights, think what kind of cause you can create, and how it may strengthen the brand idea/ values.


Construct a campaign, which will be as involving and as engaging as possible.

The Checklist for a winning cause:

  • Really motivating for people to take part in it.
  • Irresistible for the media to cover (there is a good story to tell).
  • Ultimately, spreads out the brand idea.


ROM: Romanians are smart. By McCann Erickson Bucharest

Dream Crazy, Nike. By Wieden+ Kennedy

DELA: Why wait until it’s too late? By Ogilvy Amsterdam

Spies Travels-Do it for Denmark. By  Robert/Boisen & Like-minded, Denmark.

Pernod Ricard: The time we have left. By Leo Burnett, Madrid.

Carrefour: Black Supermarket. By Marcel, paris.

Gillette: India Votes to shave or not to shave. By BBDO, India.

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