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There’s a method to creative genius. We uncover it. You create with it.

Your mind is an infinite dark room filled with amazing creative ideas, just lying there unseen waiting to be bumped into and picked up. But why wait? Why move around in darkness? What if there was a simple practical method which would make sense out of creative thinking in today’s hectic, multi-platform brand communications reality? A method which organizes the way your mind operates and helps you structure the way you form creative ideas.


By deconstructing and decoding award-winning campaigns from around the world, Mindscapes identifies recurring thinking patterns embedded in such ideas. Based on these patterns, Mindscapes develops unique practical thinking tools geared to direct the mind into specific thinking paths. Helping you reach breakthrough creative outcomes.


Mindscapes offers a wide range of different programs on a variety of topics relevant to all disciplines and professionals in brand communications, from the agency side and the brand side. You are invited to choose one of our existing training programs, which will be adapted to your specific needs. Or you can challenge us to craft a new tailor-made program, addressing the particular training objectives facing your company.